You know things will take far longer than you plan, so to compensate, the plan you build often exaggerates how long things will take. It accounts for the uncertainties you’ll face as you try to reach your goals.

Of course, you can always fake it til you make it. There’s…

Introducing a new strategy tool for basic conversion analysis

As a growth marketing professional, one of the most common activities I engage in is to strategically break down the conversion funnel of clients and develop a deep understanding of where and how much value is evaporating, so I can determine which area I will operate in to deliver conversion…

Checkout the project on GitHub

Over the weekend, I prototyped the initial brand interaction for Ticketkey, an event management software with a big future.

The scope of the project is to list a brand’s events, enables brands to interact with and create new events without impacting the user experience…

We find it curious how the cycle of technology adoption works. When the keyboard was adopted, people never considered they would revert to using only two of the ten fingers they have for typing. …

TLDR: Get the gem from

I regularly pursue education and self-improvement in my off-time. This time, I decided to dedicate my weekend to create a CLI that provides access to scraped data that lives on a website using the Nokogiri gem.

Since I’m in the process of creating a…

Crypto DM lets you earn ETH from supporters willing to pay for your attention, on any platform, with zero fees.

It’s a launch day for the SENSE team as today marks the launch of Crypto DM, a prototype we’ve been working on to productize our latest smart contract.

TLDR: We believe the future of messaging is decentralized and that anyone who’s worked hard to build a following should be able…

We’re releasing a detailed thought paper today covering our plans for 2018, and introducing SENSE Core.

SENSE Core is the platform that creates and extends the SENSE Network, a decentralized set of software to value and access human knowledge.

👉 Access the SENSE Core Platform thought paper 👈

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be organizing separate posts to deep dive into each of the thought paper chapters. Be sure to engage with the team on the SENSE Telegram group and on the SENSE Subreddit at your convenience.

The SENSE Community is expanding

We’re onboarding talented individuals across a variety of key positions at SENSE. If you’ve got a thirst for startup environment and cutting edge blockchain technologies, we’d love to meet you. Take a look at our open positions in the SENSE Careers Portal.

The Sensay Coin Redemption period begins on January 24, 2018 and ends on December 31st, 2018.

Hey Sensay! 👋

Today’s a big day for you and more than 3,000,000 members of the Sensay network all across the world as it marks the start of the Sensay Coin Redemption Period, running from January 24 2018 through to December 31st 2018.

To make good on Sensay’s promise to enable users of…

We’re excited the Relay Token went live on the Bancor Network this week. This short post explores Bancor’s announcement in greater detail and explains how to use the Bancor Relay for your convenience.

Bancor recently announced the Bancor Network now makes SENSE

If this is your first time hearing about…

In the new gig economy, everyone makes SENSE ⚡️

“Imagine if you could connect with anyone in the world, and know what they know right now.” — Ariel Jalali

Gig Economy 2.0

The future of work is inextricably tied to the future of human purpose, and both are evolving.

Currently, one third of millennials live at home, valuing experiences over asset ownership…

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